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Photo Gallery: Thanksgiving ANC style 2007
Thanksgiving ANC style 2007

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Blessings and peace to everyone who helps fulfill
the mission of Christ!
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Another group went to feed the people...
living in Aala Park.
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We loaded up the cars...
some went to Waimanalo and Baby Makapu'u
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Our youth even came to help out!
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There was time to talk and become friends.
What does Pastor Tim's shirt say?
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The volunteers take a break to eat was well.
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Each meal was complete with turkey, ham, veggies,
stuffing and more!
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Boxed dinners for the people living on the beaches
and parks.
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There, the drier is fixed!
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...but there was also a TOFU pie!!!
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On Thanksgiving there is a time to give thanks...
... and a time for decadence!
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It takes a team!
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Our next line of servers!
Thank you so much for your time and care!
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Some came in sharp uniforms!
Who is that big kid?
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