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Photo Gallery: Confirmation Camp 2009
Confirmation Camp 2009

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More games!
 Run Ricky, Run!
Viewed 4787 times
Junior leaders leading games
Viewed 4723 times
The Junior Leaders led games, prayers and
 really helped everything move smoothly
Viewed 4676 times
Pastor Karen teaching "Bible"
Viewed 4938 times
The Princess and the Pea
 Otherwise known as an unnamed pastor's tent
Viewed 4932 times
B.B. at sunrise!
Viewed 5061 times
Confirmation at its best
Viewed 5126 times
Smiling Yoga
Viewed 4876 times
Viewed 5188 times
Can you possibly be comfortable?
Viewed 5062 times
Campground by the Sea
Viewed 5100 times
Morning started slowly
Viewed 5457 times
Good Morning! Sunshine
 What time did you go to sleep last night?
Viewed 5253 times
A makeshift parsonage
Viewed 5135 times
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