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      Calvary by the Sea Church Office
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      1. Marriage and the Church
      1. Mission Statement - The wedding ceremony is not a private ceremony for the couple. The wedding ceremony is a worship service in which the community of faith joins the couple in witnessing to God’s goodness, justice, love and peace. It is a way to invite God to be at the center of the wedding liturgy, and in the center of the couple’s life together. At Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church our mission is to share God’s Grace, Aloha, and the beauty of God’s Creation at the uniting in love of a husband and a wife.
        1. We see our sanctuary as a place for the peoples of the world to experience God’s love for the world.
        2. Weddings introduce people to the Christian faith and the people of Calvary by the Sea.
        3. Wedding ministry helps support community and church by publicly proclaiming two individuals have become one family.
      2. Worship – While a wedding is a wonderful celebration, it is also a worship service. It begins with an invocation (inviting God’s presence) and ends with a benediction (assurance of God’s blessing). Since the wedding service is a worship service, all details concerning the wedding and related arrangements must conform to such practices. Details for the service are provided later in the section titled The Ceremony. The pastor can help you plan your worship service and will review your service selections with you. The pastor has the final decision-making authority for the service.
      3. Members – At Calvary by the Sea we invite those who are members of the church to have their wedding ceremony in our Sanctuary. For wedding purposes, a member of Calvary by the Sea is a person who has been officially received into membership at Calvary for at least one year and for wedding purposes includes immediate family members of Calvary. Once you are a member you can make a deposit with the church to reserve a date for your wedding ceremony. However the ceremony must occur at least one year after membership and the member must be active. An active member is one who communes and makes a contribution of record to the church.


      1. First Steps
      1.  Reserving the date Through the Church Office
        1. Reserve the date and hour for your wedding by contacting the church office (377-5477) as far in advance as possible. The date and hour will be entered on the church’s calendar and will be reserved for you after you have completed the wedding application (see Appendix C) AND paid the non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the overall wedding costs.
        2. Weddings may be scheduled any day of the week, however due to staff, school, facility and calendar commitments, weddings are not possible on certain dates and at certain times. Reserving your wedding through the church office will avoid these conflicts.
        3. Once your date is set, you will be assigned a Wedding Coordinator. The Wedding Coordinator is not a wedding planner, but a trained specialist who will supervise the rehearsal and the wedding. The coordinator will assist you with any questions you have concerning the facility or the ceremony.
      2. Outdoor Weddings — An outdoor wedding on the ocean side of the sanctuary is possible. The fee does not include setup or teardown. We only allow the use of our chairs as they are made with runners that will not harm the grass. You may provide your own chair covers if needed. Any other outdoor decorations will need to be approved by the wedding coordinator to ensure the grass is protected.
      3. Rehearsal – Although a wedding is a worship service and a celebration (not a pageant), a rehearsal is always helpful and usually necessary. Rehearsals are scheduled through the Parish Assistant at the church office. A rehearsal is normally conducted the evening before the wedding and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. At Calvary by the Sea, rehearsals are normally scheduled at 6:00 pm as our Sanctuary is typically in use through the 5 o’clock hour. It is imperative that all participants in the wedding arrive for the rehearsal 10 minutes prior so that the rehearsal can start on time. The pastor takes part in the rehearsal; however, the overall direction for the rehearsal will be handled by your assigned Wedding Coordinator.
      4. Pastor – The pastor of Calvary by the Sea will officiate all weddings at Calvary. A guest pastor may participate at the discretion of the Calvary pastor. If you wish for another clergy person from another church to participate in your wedding, please discuss this possibility with the Calvary pastor.
      5. Musicians
        1. All music selections should be suitable to a worship service and it our policy that the Liturgical Arts Coordinator must approve all musical selections and/or musicians to ensure it is appropriate for worship. There are many possible choices of music for your ceremony and you assigned organist can assist you in making selections. Please refer to Appendix C for suggested music.
        2. The organ can only be played by the church organist or the Liturgical Arts Coordinator and will be scheduled based on availability. If you are planning organ music for your ceremony, a consultation with the organist should be scheduled as early as possible and no later than three weeks prior to the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the couple to make initial contact with the organist. The Wedding Coordinator will provide you with the contact information for your assigned organist within one week of your request for organ music. The organist does not attend the rehearsal.
        3. The wedding fee at Calvary by the Sea includes the payment for the organist or a sound technician. If both are required, there is an additional $100 fee.
      6. Sound Technician – The sound system at Calvary by the Sea is effective, but complex and can therefore only be operated by a Calvary trained sound technician. If the use of the sound technician is required in addition to the organist, and additional fee of $100 is assessed and must be paid in full at least four weeks prior to the ceremony. A consultation with the sound technician must take place prior to the rehearsal. The Wedding Coordinator will provide the contact information for your assigned coordinator. The sound technician does not attend the rehearsal.
      7. Marriage License – Hawaii law requires a Hawaii License to marry in Hawaii. The license is valid for 30 days from date of issue and is given to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal.


      1.  Planning the Wedding
      1. Wedding Coordinator - To help ensure that your wedding is as worry-free and as beautiful as possible, we provide a Wedding Coordinator to help guide you with your wedding plans at Calvary. The Wedding Coordinators at Calvary by the Sea are hired for their organizational skills, willingness to perform their duties, and understanding of the worship service. They have received training, work for the church, and have the ability to make decisions and adhere to Calvary guidelines for weddings. The Wedding Coordinator will meet with the couple to discuss general church policies on decorations and accessories, use of the facility, church policy for photographers, parking and all details for the ceremony (seating, usher duties, order of service, etc.).
      2. Premarital Counseling – After your wedding date is reserved and your deposit has been paid, you will need to schedule a minimum of three (3) premarital counseling sessions with the pastor. Call the Parish Assistant to schedule these sessions (377-5477).


      1. Music and the Wedding Ceremony
      1.  Order of Service – The basic order of service for a Lutheran wedding ceremony can be found in the book, Evangelical Lutheran Worship. There are other possible options for the service, and samples are found in Appendix A.
      2. Holy Communion – Some couples may wish to include Holy Communion as part of their service. Please discuss this possibility with the pastor if you are interested in this option.
      3. Vows – In Appendix B we provide sample vows, or you may wish to create your own. This is something you can discuss with the pastor.
      4. Scripture Readings – There are many appropriate readings for a wedding, as well as a variety of Bible translations. Please refer to Appendix B for some possible selections.
      5. Music – The music for your wedding can be an expression of faith and not just a peek into the couple’s favorite love songsMany couples involve the congregation in the ceremony through congregational hymns. Suggested music is provided in Appendix D.
      6. Wedding Bulletin – The wedding bulletin is a guide for worship as well as a treasured memento for those attending the service. Bulletins are not prepared or produced by the staff or wedding coordinator of Calvary by the sea, but rather this is the responsibility of the couple.


      1. The Facility
      1. Decorations
        1. When you reserve your wedding, you will receive a three hour time block for use of the Sanctuary. Typically decorating will be done during the first hour of that block. Placement of decorations prior to the wedding and their removal after the wedding are the responsibility of the wedding party. All decorating plans should be discussed with the wedding coordinator ahead of time, to ensure your plans are in concert with the use of the facility and the traditions of a Christian service.
        2. If floral decorations are desired, they are to be provided by the couple. There are a total of 12 pews (6 on each side) for the center aisle. Tape is not allowed to be used on the pews to attach flowers or bows. We can provide pew clips for you to borrow for your ceremony. Call the Parish Assistant to reserve the clips. When the ceremony is over, the wedding coordinator will collect the clips. Please do not take the clips from the Sanctuary.
        3. For safety reasons, runners are not permitted on the stone floor or steps and tape of any kind may not be attached to the floor.
        4. The paraments on the altar are placed in accordance with the church calendar and are not changed for a wedding.
      2. Photography – Wedding pictures and videos are lifelong reminders of the joy and excitement of your wedding day. At Calvary by the Sea we want these memories to be captured to your liking. Please talk over your desires for photos that will take place during the service with pastor and the Wedding Coordinator.
      3. Seating Capacity – The sanctuary at Calvary by the Sea can comfortably seat 350 guests.
      4. Parking – Parking at Calvary by the Sea is limited by space and other activities. If your wedding is scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday you can normally expect to have full access to our lot which can accommodate about 65 cars. If your ceremony takes place on a weekday, during normal business hours, the lot will likely be restricted by the other campus activities, such as the preschool and regular church staff. Once the parking lot is full, cars can park across the street in the residential area on East Hind Drive. Your guests can safely cross Kalanianaole Highway at the traffic light.
      5. Additional Policies
        1. Food and drinks are not allowed in the church.
        2. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our property, inside or outside.
        3. We do NOT allow the throwing of rice, bird seed or confetti. If you are planning to have an outdoor flower shower after the ceremony, you must assign someone from your wedding party to clean up after it is done. If you wish to have bubbles, they can only be blown outside the sanctuary, and are only allowed if it is not raining.
        4. Our facility is not able to accommodate any type of reception. There are no exceptions to this policy.
      6. Expenses – Calvary members please contact the chruch office for more information (808-377-5477). Non-Calvary members please contact UI Productions at 808-373-9315 for more information.
      1. For members of Calvary, or children of members, please call the chruch office for wedding fees. The fee is used to offset the cost of the following services, and whether all of the below services are used or not, the fee is not modified:
        1. Sanctuary
        2. Organ
        3. Altar Candles
        4. Use of Bride and Groom lounges
        5. Parking Attendants
        6. Wedding Coordinator
        7. Organist
        8. Pastor
        9. Other staff support
      2. The fee will cover either the organist or a sound technician. If both are required, there is an additional $100 fee. The sound technician will not be reserved until the fee is collected and must be made at least four weeks prior to the wedding.
      3. A nonrefundable deposit must be submitted before the date can be reserved.
      4. The balance due must be paid in full four weeks before the wedding.
      5. A refund can be given for any expenses paid, other than the nonrefundable deposit, as long as cancellation is made four weeks in advance of the reserved wedding date.



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