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Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School

CBTS Prayer List CBTS Prayer List

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  • Alicia & Celesta

    Avery Arrant

    Beverly Twing

    Bill Speer

    Calvary Preschool


    Carol Mahon

    Cristen Clark

    Cindy Chow-Lapshies

    Daralyn Pomroy

    Della Turle

    Denise Timmerman

    Doyle Cox

    Dylan & Laura

    First Lutheran Mission

    Gracia Willis

    Herve Montagne

    HKRC Residents

    Hugo Schlett

    James Rosenberry

    John Anolani Remus IV

    Julie D.

    Kai Lapshies

    Keith Family

    Kim Tath

    Lilianani Maslonka

    Lisa Chaffin

    Lisa’s Dad

    Lori Kaiser

    Louis C.

    Mackenzie Pagano

    Marika &Matt Fleeger

    Marty & Jen Welch

    Milton Okamoto

    Nancy H.

    Naomi Pickerel

    Nick Pang & Family

    Nicolle Strighill

    Olga Bohne

    Pam & Randy Tajima

    Pamela C.

    Paris Lindsay

    Pastor Keith

    Patsy Chong

    Ramos Ohana

    Rev. Larry Gardner

    Rex Adelberger

    Rhonda Chaffin

    Robert Smith

    Rusty Schultz & Family

    Sharon Young-Nakaue

    Solywoda Family

    Susie Ahern

    Sylvester Family

    Tiffany Tyner

    Tonga Ho & George Ho


    Adopted Missionaries

    Dr. John Lunn

    Dr. Jim & Carolyn Brown

    Pastor Qiu Lin