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Sharing the Blessing of God's Grace With Aloha
    • Video from Your New Pastor

      A new pastor has been called!!!
      Please click on the following YouTube link to watch a video of introduction 
      made by The Rev. Dr. Moses D. Barrios !!


      Click here to read a "Letter for CBTS from Pastor Moses"

      Pastor Moses and family will arrive on island on March 1.
      During this time of transition, please keep them and Calvary in your prayers.

      January 24, 2021

      3rd Sunday after Epiphany

      Live Online Sunday at 10:00am
      Announcements @ 9:50am

      Click here for Zoom Log In for Worship

      Join us for live worship on zoom 

       Bulletin may be downloaded here 


      Go To FaceBook Live

      Click on here to view other Calvary events: 

      "Drive-thru" Holy Communion will be on a new day-

      Sunday, February 14th - 11:30pm -1:00pm. You may also pick up home kits

      for Ash Wednesday at this time. 

      Until we meet for the next worship service,

      take extra care and stay healthy and Happy New Year!